Manali: By the eye of a traveler – The places you should not miss

Manali: By the eye of a traveler – The places you should not miss

Manali is one of the best hill stations in India and has become renowned for adventure lovers. The outdoor activities that can be done here certainly draw attraction. The place is located about 2000 m above sea level. The River Beas flows by its sides and would surprise you through its natural beauty. Manali is known for the serene and tranquil atmosphere and is one of the choicest destinations in the country. Let us look at the places that you can visit in Manali..

The Solang Valley is known for the outdoor

The Solang Valley is that place in Manali where you can involve in a host of outdoor activities. The place is less than 20 km from Manali and you would be able to enjoy some of the most captivating beauty of the Himalayas. The thrilling adventures, the snow-clad mountains and the serenity of the place would make the entire atmosphere very thrilling. Activities include skiing, paragliding, helicopter ride, cable car ride, zorbing and trekking.

Old Manali offers an ambient recline

The older half of Manali is great for the nature lovers and who prefers an ambient atmosphere. The place has old temples and contemporary buildings. People can visit the Hadimba Devi temple and the Manu temple

Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara

The Dechen Choekhor is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. A place is a not-for-profit unit which spreads the preachings of Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery offers a splendid view of the surroundings.

Chandrakhani Pass

People can find majestic mountain beauty at the Chandrakhani Pass. Breathtaking scenery and awesome serenity lie ahead of the trekkers. The 3-day trek from Naggar village, through the Pulag, via Ramu villages holds majestic mountain beauty. The journey ends at the Malana village.

Siyali Mahadev Temple

The place has a sturdy and old architecture with wonderful wood carvings. The temple is placed in a cloud of serene and quiet ambience, with an old history.

Hampta Pass

The Hampta Pass passes through the Pir Panjal range, connecting Kulu valley to the Lahaul. The Lahaul is a scenic cold desert and on the other side, one can witness the lush greenery of Kulu. This makes Manali one of the most desirable places to visit in the country.


Kheerganga is a paradise for the trekkers and people can enjoy the lovely ambience and the natural beauty of the place. Not everyone would be able to arrive at this place because it can be reached only through trekking. The beautiful Rudranag waterfall can be witnessed on the way here.


The Kulu Valley is a traveller's hotspot. It has lakes and views of great lakes and mesmerising scenic beauty. the place is picturesque and is one of the best places in Manali to visit with your family.


If you want a laid back holiday, you can do so in the village of Tosh near Manali. It can be a very good weekend getaway where you would be able to enjoy the confluence of the Tosh and Parvati rivers. It has great views and unexplored natural beauty.

Bhrigu Lake

The Bhrigu Lake is a glacier lake while stays frozen in the winter and the entire place is covered with snow. The place is at a height about 4300 metres and the lake is through a wonderful trekking trail and enjoys popularity among the adventure lovers. It is not too difficult to trek through the region. It would take about 2 days from Manali.

All of these interesting sights make Manali one of the most targeted attractions in the country. PLaces from far and wide flock to the place throughout the year.