Top 8 places to visit in shimla

Top 8 places to visit in shimla

Shimla is all about pleasant climate, breathtaking lakes and alluring greenery. The place offers everything an adventure seeker can ever ask for. It is popular as the queen of all the hill stations in the country and it never ceases to amaze people with its wonderful beauty. Everyone gets magically drawn to the beauty of the place. Let us look at the places that you just cannot miss on your visit here..

Summer Hills

The Summer Hills form a picturesque township and is located at 5 km from the famous ridge of Shimla. The hill offers breathtaking views once you reach the top. The 7 hills form one of the best viewing places in Shimla and its beauty would ensure that you do not want to leave the place. The nature walks through the place are absolutely amazing.


Though the Annadale is just a place for the golf lovers now, it used to be home to a number of adventure sports during the British period. It was even used as a racecourse. The place also serves as a helipad and has beautiful sceneries of the meadows.

Chadwick Falls

The waterfall is an ideal place for photographers and peace seekers. The Chadwick Falls is one of the major tourist attractions of Shimla and descends from an altitude of 1586 metres. The monsoons cause an increase in water levels and make the place much more beautiful. The sparkling water and the dense forests with pine trees and lush deodar make the place enthralling. The falls emanate captivating beauty.

The Scandal Point

The Scandal Point offers a perfect viewing place for the tourists. It is a flat and spacious platform and is one of the most familiar spots in Shimla. The place is a delicious treat for mountain lovers and photographers alike. It offers mesmerising views of the valley and the snow-capped mountains. People can even visit the famous Tudor library if they tire out their legs. The place is the most spectacular during the sunrise and sunset, making it one of the most endearing places to visit in Shimla.

Christ Church

The Christ Church is one of the most famous attractions of the town and is the second oldest church in North India. If you are in pursuit of peace, the church is a paradise. You can spend some alone-time here for prayers or not. The morning is probably the best time to visit the place.

Himalayan Bird Park

Nature admirers would not want to miss the place, and neither would the wildlife photographers. The town offers something for every traveller. The Himalayan Bird Park is ideal for the bird and nature lovers. The spot has a variety of native and exotic birds and is open only during the summer. This makes Shimla seem like a place with endless touring options.


Kufri, located at a height of 2622 metres above sea level, is known as the winters sports capital. This hill station located at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas belonged to Nepal earlier. The place is perfectly suited for ice skating and skiing. It offers picturesque locations and most travellers would not want to miss it.

Green Valley

The Green Valley is a place in Shimla with a lot of charm. Being featured in movies constantly, the place has gained a lot of attraction. This place in Shimla is especially suited for couples. If you would like a place in Shimla that offers mind boggling viewpoints, you cannot miss it out.

These are some of the most interesting places in Shimla that you must visit in your lifetime